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Prebiotic Acacia Fibre with Natural MAGNESIUM

Magnesium is an essential part of molecules throughout your body and contributes to the function of nerves and muscles. It can control your blood sugar and prevent osteoporosis.  Our Magnesium is:

  • Beneficial during times of stress, depression, and anxiety (aids sleep)
  • Improves the body's biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and nerve transmission (reduces cramping)
  • Boosts nutrient metabolism (increases energy)

The Fibre aids the absorption of Magnesium so, get the most out your Magnesium supplement with our unique Fibre/Magnesium product, blended just for us.

100% pure magnesium oxide extract from Mediterranean Seawater. It is soluble, tasteless and colourless so add to shakes, juices, hot drinks, food, sauces etc.

Sourced from France. Packaged in Brighton, Vic Australia.

Simply add 1 heaped teaspoon daily to your favourite drink or food (hot or cold). 60 servings per pouch. 1 serving per person per day recommended.

To learn more about how we have sourced the most globally trusted, purest, premium Magnesium product click here.

PLEASE NOTE: if you require more than 5g of fibre daily, please use our Prebiotic Acacia Fibre product in addition.  Both can be taken together.

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9 reviews for 300g Natural Magnesium

  1. Robyn Willetts

    Have just started using it. Seems fine so far.

  2. Esther Atwell

    A bit pricey but does last a long time. Benefits make it worth it.

  3. Diane Petre

    I recently purchased Marine Magnesium from Fitat60, I found it very easy to make the order, I found the service to be very prompt and the product itself is superb.

  4. Diane

    There was a small problem with my order and they rectified it immediately. I was very happy with the outcome and will certainly use them again.

  5. Moira Luzan

    My order arrived in an appropriate time, I was notified of a slight delay by Australia Post.

  6. Annmarie Rivers

    Marine Magnesium is very helpful and efficient!
    I’ve been using the same Marine Magnesium product for a while and found it to be both helpful and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending fitat60 and their products.

  7. customer

    It seems to be helping me with my cramps so if it continues to do that I will be well pleased.

  8. Rhonda

    Blends into breakfast smoothie easily.

  9. Diane Petre

    Very happy with my purchase.👏🏻👏🏻

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