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MayonnaiseBy AnnabelleMayonnaise is a great item to have in the fridge as it can serve so many purposes. Not only is home made mayonnaise generally much nicer than store bought, it allows you to avoid any unnecessary sugar or additives.
Pizza Stuffed CapsicumsBy AnnabelleA great guilt free alternative to the traditional pizza night! These stuffed peppers will seriously make your low carb dreams come true. With the BEST sauce and a pizza-saucy beef and pepperoni mixture, you’ll love everything about these pizza stuffed peppers.
Italian Fish BakeBy AnnabelleTuna, cheese, hazelnuts and so many other delicious ingredients all baked together. Yum!
Healthy MeatballsBy AnnabelleThese healthy meatballs melt in your mouth and you can enjoy them without the guilt! They go perfectly with spaghetti and there's a mouthful of flavour in every bite.
Thai Chicken SaladBy AnnabelleThis salad is so fresh and tasty and can be a meal or a side dish with almond and sesame flavours.
Classic Argentinian Alfajore CookiesBy AnnabelleAlfajor Cookies are buttery cornstarch cookies filled with chocolate/caramel, often decorated with a drizzle of chocolate, or powdered sugar dusted on top, or with the sides coated in shredded coconut, or chopped almonds.
Butter ChickenBy AnnabelleButter Chicken is a spiced tomato and butter sauce. Absolutely delicious!
Cheesy Chicken Broccoli PastaBy AnnabelleThis Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Pasta is a dish that is packed with cheesy, rich flavor, loaded with chicken and broccoli.
Beef Fajita BowlBy AnnabelleA bowl of Mexican flavours which is nutritious and simple to make.
Winter QuinoaBy AnnabelleQuinoa is so healthy and filling and this version is packed with a variety of flavours.
Pork RissolesBy AnnabellePork Rissoles are an old favourite. They can be served with vegetables as a meal, shaped as sausages for breakfast, snacked on alone or cooked flatter for a burger. So versatile!
Zucchini BoatsBy AnnabelleThis low carb dish is the perfect dinner party starter, main meal or snack. The Zucchini is quite literally a delicious vessel for all of the tasty goodness.
Tomato Tarte TatinBy AnnabelleEasy to make, delicious and fragrant recipe that is best served chilled!
Salmon PattiesBy AnnabelleSalmon patties are soft inside and crispy on the outside. They are packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids - great for weight loss!
Roast VealBy AnnabelleRoast Veal with an optional Italian twist, so easy and appreciated all year around.
Chilli Mac and CheeseBy AnnabelleComfort food personified, this Chilli Mac and Cheese is a consistent crowd pleaser.
Healthy No-Bake CookiesBy AnnabelleHere’s a super quick recipe for tasty no-bake cookies. Great to do with kids as they love rolling the balls and there's no risk of oven burn!
Olive and Pine Nut Quinoa SaladBy AnnabelleThis recipe has everything - a variety of textures, flavours and colour. Simple to prepare and delicious to eat.
Vegetable OmeletteBy AnnabelleAn easy and nutritious breakfast, lunch or mid meal snack. The perfect meal when you don't know what to cook but have a few veggies in the fridge!
Cinnamon Bread Fruit BasketsBy AnnabelleA unique way to serve fruit and so many different variations to these impressive little "cakes" that can be breakfast or a snack during the day.
Thai Prawn SoupBy AnnabelleIf you are a real lover of spicy Thai cuisine, this soup is a perfect match for you. You don't need to get take-away when this is so easy to make at home.
Cabbage Banh MiBy AnnabelleSo much health and flavour here. The dipping sauce goes perfectly with the fresh vegetables.
Silverbeet and Mushroom PieBy AnnabelleA pie with no crust so no guilt, utilising an under-hero'd vegetable ... silverbeet. So simple and goes perfectly with a green salad.
Rosemary-Scented LambBy AnnabelleRosemary and lamb are the perfect combination. This dish is a perfect mid week meal or impressive for entertaining too.
Chicken PenneBy AnnabelleThis recipe is easy to make and loaded with bacon, tender chicken breasts, and an amazing fresh tomato garlic parmesan cream sauce.
Chocolate and Coconut Protein BarsBy AnnabelleHome-made protein bars are a perfect replacement for any meal if you are short of time. Have them ready in your fridge for a quick snack!
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