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Honey and Ginger Stir Fry with SalmonBy AnnabelleThis quick and easy meal is the perfect quick lunch. We promote cheating with a pre-packaged bag of Asian stir-fry mix as they're as fresh as doing it yourself and save a lot of time!
Chocolate GranolaBy AnnabelleThis low-carb granola tastes just like the real thing! Make in advance and have ready for breakfast, snacking or just before exercise.
Chocolate Mint SmoothieBy AnnabelleChocolate and mint ... a match made in heaven. This smoothie will give you a great kick.
Spinach Lemon Cauliflower Risotto with Garlic PrawnsBy AnnabelleThis creamy and delicious recipe is made with sautéed cauliflower and a healthy cauliflower cream sauce (dairy-free or regular, your choice!) and has lots of fresh lemon flavour. Top with some spicy garlic prawns for a simple to make dinner everyone will love!
Silverbeet and Mushroom PieBy AnnabelleA pie with no crust so no guilt, utilising an under-hero'd vegetable ... silverbeet. So simple and goes perfectly with a green salad.
Winter QuinoaBy AnnabelleQuinoa is so healthy and filling and this version is packed with a variety of flavours.
Green Goddess “Curry”By AnnabelleHigh in fibre, antioxidants and other good vitamins, this curry is not only a great detoxifier, it tastes delicious and is very simple to make.
Chicken and Cous Cous SaladBy AnnabelleA Mediterranean inspired meal with garlic and herbs, marinaded chicken, currants and baby spinach, and couscous full of colour and flavour.
Chicken Tortillas with SalsaBy AnnabelleThis delicious one-pan meal is super easy to make and the flavours all combine beautifully. A Mexican winner of a dash.
Blackberry MuffinsBy AnnabelleBerry muffins are low in carbs and great for breakfast or a snack on the go!
Ranch Chicken SaladBy AnnabelleA delicious and refreshing salad loaded with chicken and made with healthy homemade ranch dressing.
Cambodian Fish CurryBy AnnabelleA colourful and delicious curry for all seasons. Cambodian Fish Curry is a winning dinner party dish which is simple and can be prepared prior to guests arriving.
Thai Chicken SaladBy AnnabelleThis salad is so fresh and tasty and can be a meal or a side dish with almond and sesame flavours.
GuacamoleBy AnnabelleIncredibly creamy, flavourful Guacamole ready in just 1 bowl, 10 minutes, and with only a few ingredients. The perfect dip or side with any Mexican dish.
Mexican Stuffed CapsicumBy AnnabelleThese spicy tuna and quinoa stuffed capsicum with jalapeño are not only quick, but they’re also really healthy and delicious!
Veggie HashBy AnnabelleOne dish to wash and so many healthy ingredients. A great quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Mini OmelettesBy AnnabelleA variation on your classic omelette, bite sized! Easy, impressive and suitable for any time of the day.
MayonnaiseBy AnnabelleMayonnaise is a great item to have in the fridge as it can serve so many purposes. Not only is home made mayonnaise generally much nicer than store bought, it allows you to avoid any unnecessary sugar or additives.
Salmon & Witlof SaladBy AnnabelleSalmon & Endive Salad is a great lunch or dinner party starter. It could even work as a party canapé. So many options.
Homemade Tomato SauceBy AnnabelleThis sugar-free recipe for tomato Sauce is delicious and super easy to make. How rewarding .... home made tomato sauce.
Apple and Cabbage SaladBy AnnabelleColourful and full of flavour. An impressive salad that grown ups and kids love.
Beetroot & Ricotta SaladBy AnnabelleBeetroot can be overpowering in salads but teaming it with ricotta - as this recipe does - adds a delicious hint of creaminess and complements the beet flavour.
Classic Argentinian Alfajore CookiesBy AnnabelleAlfajor Cookies are buttery cornstarch cookies filled with chocolate/caramel, often decorated with a drizzle of chocolate, or powdered sugar dusted on top, or with the sides coated in shredded coconut, or chopped almonds.
Baked PearsBy AnnabelleThis elegant baked pears recipe only has natural sweeteners and so is the perfect dessert.
Pizza Stuffed CapsicumsBy AnnabelleA great guilt free alternative to the traditional pizza night! These stuffed peppers will seriously make your low carb dreams come true. With the BEST sauce and a pizza-saucy beef and pepperoni mixture, you’ll love everything about these pizza stuffed peppers.
Stuffed Cabbage RollsBy AnnabelleThis recipe is a low-carb alternative to the popular Eastern European stuffed cabbage leaves. It replaces traditional rice with cauliflower rice.
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