Ease into Exercise


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NEW FOR 2022!  Need a little motivation to get moving?  Not done any exercise for a while and lost your confidence in movement?  Join our Group Fitness Instructor, Roz, will get you moving and help you to achieve your fitness goal, whatever it may be.  This is your start point for a healthier tomorrow.

So what does your $5 get you?  Over two weeks Roz will instruct you on a series of routines designed to build confidence and strength in how you move.  Week #1 is all about preparation.  Stretch and warm up the body and learn some of the key moves.  Week #2 is about finding comfort and confidence in how you move your body where Roz will help you push your boundaries and set you on a path to a happier, healthier you.

For less than 50c a day, there has never been a better time.  NOW is the moment to invest in your greatest asset - YOU!


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