14-Days to Healthier Eating Program

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In this 14-Day program we help you cleanse bad food and bad habits from your daily routines.  This program is designed to be gentle yet effective. It is also intended to be doable while you work, play, or go about your normal routine.  This is a gentle and relatively short cleanse designed to jump-start your journey to health. The diet may seem fairly restrictive compared to the modern-day Australian diet, but you should not go hungry as this is not a fast. Eat abundantly from the foods that are listed and we'll help you avoid those temptations.

So what do you get for your $5?  You get time to prepare, with a full meal plan and shopping lists for the 14 days when you are ready to start them.  Once you are ready you get an email each day with specific directions for what to eat through the day, plus tips and tricks to stay the course.  You'll feel the difference in just a few days and by the end of the program you should have built some good healthy eating habits.   All for less than 50c a day.

1 review for 14-Days to Healthier Eating Program

  1. Amanda Mason

    some great ideas as it’s sometimes hard to know how to eat well. the recipes are practical and easy to follow. the ingredients aren’t hard to find like some eating programmes. thank you.

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