We’re a community to help and support one another by sharing information and our experiences. Here are some of the most common questions our members ask. It’s time to enjoy life. You’ve worked hard, it’s now your time.

Q: I’m not big into health and fitness, is this the place for me?
A: Yes, 100%, this is the place for anyone who want to life their best life. Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool gym junky or you’ve never done a day’s exercise in your life, we’re here to help all levels. Our bodies are machines and to keep them working we need to keep them moving. Use it or lose it!

Q. Is the food complicated or difficult to make?
A. Not at all. We are what we eat and feeling healthy and good in yourself is significantly affected by what we consume. But it has to be something you enjoy and find familiar. Try our FA60 Chicken Parma, it’ll change your life (for healthier).

Q. Doesn’t all healthy food taste like rabbit food? The healthier the blander!
A. No, low carb, low sugar, low salt or low fat doesn’t mean that it has to be low flavour. Our incredible resource of recipes will show you how to eat well and enjoy doing so. Whether you’re a wizz in the kitchen, or just of the microwave, you’ll find foods to enjoy.

Q. I’ve got an ailment or medical condition, is this for me?
A. Yes, we all have ailments. This is the place to share our experiences and find the best ways to manage our ailments or conditions and how to avoid future ones. This is our time to enjoy time, not pass it in the waiting room.

Q. What’s the Private Community for?
A. We wanted to create a safe place for us all to share our experiences. A private community on Facebook allows us to control who joins and ensure the commentary is always positive, helpful and friendly. It also means we can keep advertisers out and avoid hawkers.

Q. Where is Fitat60.com based?
A. We are an Australian company born and bred. Australia frequently leads the rest of the world in great fitness, nutrition and active lifestyles. Today, our reach is global, but we’re True Blue (that’s Properly Australian to everyone else).

Q. What if I’ve got another question?
A. You can always try our automated chatbot Dr. Rob at the bottom right hand corner of the site – ask him anything. Alternatively, reach out of on of our team at hello@fitat60.com

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