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A slice of the great Australian lifestyle right to your phone.  The Fitat60 App gives you complete access to the program so you can live your best life.  Best of all, it is FREE, always.  60 is the new 40!  Join us.

What exactly is the keto diet?: A look into the diet and how you can integrate it into your lifestyle

In recent years, the ketogenic diet– better known as “keto”– has taken the world by storm. Known for its results of rapid weight loss, improved mental clarity, and increased energy levels, it has easily become the hottest dietary fad.  If you’ve been wanting to learn...

From Stiff Joints to Spring in Your Step: The Hidden Benefits of Floor Sitting

Over time, our bodies undergo a series of natural changes that can make everyday activities more challenging.  Stiff joints, aching backs, and decreased mobility can take a significant toll on our quality of life, making even simple tasks like getting up from a chair...

DASH diet: Healthy eating to lower your blood pressure

The quest for a healthier lifestyle is a daunting task for many of us, with countless diets and nutrition plans promising quick fixes and fleeting results. But what if there was a simple, effective, and sustainable way to achieve better health, without sacrificing...

The Weight of Grandparent Guilt: Understanding and Overcoming the Stigma

The weight of grandparent guilt can be a crushing burden, weighing heavily on the minds and hearts of many. It's a complex and often unspoken emotion that can stem from a sense of inadequacy, fear of not being good enough, or feelings of inadequacy and a lack of...

Redefining Purpose in your “Freedom Years”

WHAT IS THE BEST NAME FOR THIS STAGE OF LIFE? - WE NEED YOUR INPUT VIA THE SURVEY AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE. When it comes to our “later years” in life, there has been a societal shift when it comes to how we view ageing, and it’s for the better. Gone are the days...

Cultivating a “Grateful Heart”: How Appreciation Can Transform Your Life

In a world where negativity and anxiety can often dominate our thoughts and emotions, cultivating a sense of gratitude can be a powerful antidote to the chaos. When we focus on the good things in our lives, no matter how small they may seem, we begin to shift our...

Our bodies have 360 joints – look after them today for a more mobile tomorrow

As we age, it's normal to experience changes in our joints and mobility. But, we don’t need to wait for stiffness or pain – or the onset of arthritis – to minimise the effects of ageing and to keep our joints as healthy as possible. Adopting a joint care routine can...

Yoga: The Time is Now

Have you always thought about taking yoga but never managed to quite get there? Well there is no better time. Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Yoga Journey As we age, finding moments of peace and mindfulness is more crucial than ever. The practice of yoga...

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