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A slice of the great Australian lifestyle right to your phone.  The Fitat60 App gives you complete access to the program so you can live your best life.  Best of all, it is FREE, always.  60 is the new 40!  Join us.

5 Proven Ways to Avoid Dementia

As we age, our mind, like the rest of our body, changes. This is normal, but some people experience more dramatic changes than others. Dementia is a broad term that refers to a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. It can cause problems with memory, language skills, judgment and other cognitive functions.  Some people may have difficulty remembering recent events or following directions, while others will require help performing everyday tasks, like dressing or managing medication properly.

Skin cancer prevention – the importance of checking your skin

Let’s talk about the importance of skin health. When it comes to skin cancer prevention, having a regular and thorough check-up is imperative. Why is this important? Because if it is caught early, skin cancer can be cured.

How socialising can impact how long you live.

Your social life has a huge effect on your health. Studies show that people who have strong positive relationships with family members and friends are less likely to develop heart disease or cancer. These studies have shown that the more social support you have, the longer you’ll live.

Balance and exercise are essential in preventing falls.

According to Australian government health reports, falls are the leading cause of injury in older Australians, accounting for over 30% of all hospital admissions. The risk of falling increases with age and are generally linked to a decline in balance, strength, flexibility, and muscle mass.

Happy New Year, Happy New You

Getting fit is the key to your wellbeing giving you confidence both in your mind and your body. But getting fit is not always easy and “falling off the wagon” of that resolution you’ve made to yourself is common. We are here to tell you, that’s OK. The key is to never stop starting again.

Better Bones

Did you know that your bones are always changing? Every day of your life, some bone cells die and some new bone cells are created. Women who exercise regularly and eat calcium-rich foods enter their menopausal years with better bone mass than women who sit a lot and consume calcium-leaching foods. But no matter how good your lifestyle choices, bone mass usually decreases during the menopausal years. Learn more about how to combat this “bone pause”

Yes, you can still drink alcohol

Are you a social drinker? Nondrinker? Heavy drinker? Find out how your alcohol consumption habits are either helping or hurting you in staying fit and trim (or not)!

What is BMI and does it matter?

One of the first steps to realizing if you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not is determining if you are overweight. Calculating your Body Mass Index or BMI is an excellent first step. Once you’ve determined what your BMI you can use a combination of exercise and nutrition to help you reach your desire weight goal.

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